Monthly Archives: January 2016

Witness something great

Screenshot from The Witness.Just updated the Upcoming Games-list. It will be updated in small chunks over a longer time so it is by no means complete. Today I will also share some of my thoughts recently, mainly about games of course. Enjoy and let me know how you feel about the site!


Status update

Now the domain mapping to should be functional and working well. So what is up for the near future for the site? Well, it is obviously a bit bare bones at the moment but the idea is to finish updating the Upcoming PC games-list as soon as possible. As you can see there are […]

wasdmash goes English

Hiya! Today is the 24 of January 2016 and it has now been years since I wrote anything here, then in Swedish. I have not been completely quiet with my gaming opinions though. I kept writing for Level 7 before it went defunct in December 2015, created shenmuetalk during the Kickstarter-campaign for Shenmue III, created […]