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Just updated the Upcoming Games-list. It will be updated in small chunks over a longer time so it is by no means complete. Today I will also share some of my thoughts recently, mainly about games of course. Enjoy and let me know how you feel about the site!

I barely got home from a month’s stay in Asia before I had finished the two hour long That Dragon, Cancer, an emotional experience giving insight into a family tragically losing their son to cancer. While I believe it is unlikely to appear on many best-of-lists at the end of the year I still would recommend checking it out. There is very little gameplay involved but it highlights that not every game must be fun, but can also sometimes offer something deeper and even very sad.

That Dragon, Cancer

Screenshot from That Dragon, Cancer.

During my trip I visited Tokyo for the first time in my life. A lovely city with strict organization, an abundance of neon, people and “nerdyness” and some of the best cheap food around. Food-wise it is definitely up there with my other favourites e.g. China, Italy, London and Stockholm.


Photo from Kabukicho – real-life Kamurocho from Yakuza.

Anyhow, 2015 was full of great games and I spent over 100 hours on both Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4. I never had time for the latest localized entry in one of my favourite franchises, Yakuza 5. As the jet-lag woke me up very early in the morning I felt a tranquillity during the first chapter of Yakuza 5 that made me remember the beginning of Red Dead Redemption. Kazuma is now old and tired, trying to live an honest life as a taxi driver before his past will of course at some point catch up with him. Above you see one of my photos from Tokyo, Kabukicho which is called Kamurocho in the Yakuza games. It was almost surreal to walk around there, like a 1-1 real-life copy where the arcade, the restaurants, the pachinko parlors are all located where I remember them from the games. Yakuza 5 I really hope to play through over the course of 2016, but if I know myself it is going to take months before I am done and can give you my full opinion on it. The beginning is hinting that the series indeed takes another step up though.

Screenshot from The Witness.

Screenshot from The Witness.

One of the problems is that I get even more interesting games. I pre-ordered Jonathan Blow’s new game The Witness and watched him launch it on Twitch after seven years of development. After completing hundreds of puzzles I can safely say that the game has already paid for it’s €36 price-tag. The Witness is simply the best designed puzzle game I have ever played. I would even say that we might not see such a well-designed game in quite a while. The mechanics are super-simple but the use of environments to create clever puzzles is nothing short of amazing. I literally laughed and applauded towards the screen after seeing the solution to one puzzle, and there have been more occasions with goosebumps present. It is simply amazing, and I would recommend having a look at it even if you are not the biggest puzzle game-fan. I will for sure be stuck with it until the end.



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