Monthly Archives: February 2016

Superhot-hickups and street cleaning in Japan

HarukaGameplayMy desire to play Superhot was temporarily shattered due to some bugs but soon you will hear my thoughts on it hopefully. Meanwhile, enjoy some more banter on Yakuza 5 and it’s lovely rhythm games!


Steam-review of Firewatch

fwiconI finished a first playthrough of Firewatch before the release day was over. You may either read my review on Steam or here.

Anticipating Firewatch

firewatch_150305_06Today I present to you my Steam review of The Witness, having finished the game right before the weekend. Then focus is shifted towards Firewatch which I thought would become my GOTY 2016. Want to see which other games I guessed would be among the favorites, read the full text! I round off with a bit of discussion around the only game I have had time to play a bit during this Lunar New Year weekend: Yakuza 5.