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More on Shadow Complex, Yakuza 5, Superhot and Fallout 4

shadow-complex-remastered-splashGot a quite terrible cold since last week but I have at least finished Superhot and Shadow Complex Remastered. I also keep pushing through Yakuza 5 and went back to Fallout 4 before the DLC that release today.


Look here Shenmue-fans!

Added a post on shenmuetalk due to new information on Shenmue III:

Moving on to Shadow Complex Remastered

photo-originalshI finished the campaign of Superhot despite graphical issues, before moving on to Shadow Complex Remastered. The latter turned out to be a great metroidvania-game hidden outside of Steam. Also some info on #Operation422, a campaign to bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 to PC.