Moving on to Shadow Complex Remastered

I have finished the campaign in Superhot and while it was ok I would not call it an amazing experience, at least not at them moment. Due to quite severe stuttering when moving the camera but not the player character I had trouble truly enjoying it. The state of the game was somewhat improved by the day 1-patch but it certainly did not fix the issues completely. I will maybe give it another go later at some point after there have been another string of patches. Odd issue that seem to mainly affect “some high-end PCs”. Some blame the game engine and yes, certain Unity-games (such as Wasteland 2) have indeed had unexpectedly bad performance while e.g. Cities Skylines works great for me.
So I moved away from Steam and booted up Epic’s game launcher in order to try out Shadow Complex Remastered that was offered for free on PC before Christmas. As a long-time fan of metroidvania-style games I can already say that the game is great. It is fast and controls superbly (using the Xbox One controller), actually better than the more recent Axiom Verge and Apotheon that I played through last year. I like the exploration but care less for the story, which is usually the case with the better examples in the genre. The game’s length does not seem all that bad either, probably right below 10 hours when I am done, but then I am exploring quite a lot of the map. SC:R is already a safe recommendation to any fan of the genre even if the graphics has not aged superbly and defaults to weird settings. Very happy to see another great game leaving the shackles of platform exclusivity in order to be enjoyed by many more!
Finally, a shout-out to #Operation422, a revived initiative that previously had as a goal to bring Valkyria Chronicles to PC (which eventually happened). The next goal is not the sequel but the third game, as of today exclusive to Playstation Portable. Join the Steam-group, read more on Neogaf and spread the word if you are a fan of Strategy-RPGs.


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