More on Shadow Complex, Yakuza 5, Superhot and Fallout 4

Got a quite terrible cold since last week. I have since the last post a couple of weeks ago finished the campaigns in Superhot and Shadow Complex Remastered.

To be honest I am a bit disappointed by Superhot. It worked just ok after numerous patches, not ever getting completely rid of the stuttering. After finishing the campaign in about two hours I did not really have the mood to continue with it any more. It required the game-play mechanics to work flawlessly which I think it did not ever really do. Jack and Rich over at Previously Recorded had, as usual, a good and fun discussion about the game:

Shadow Complex Remastered on the other hand wowed me. As I already mentioned, solid flow, exploration and controls. Definitely one of the best metroidvanias I have played in quite some time in those regards. I am very happy to have finally got the chance to play it. It is already available in Epic’s game launcher, but will also arrive on Steam in May. If you have not played it and love the genre, go get it.
When it comes to Yakuza 5 I have hit a bit of a drought. The fourth part stars Tatsuo Shinada, a former baseball pro who had his career ruined and now lives a day-by-day life as a freelance journalist, reporting on the red light districts of Nagoya. Together with Saejima’s part this has definitely been the slowest and most boring part of the game. I do not like Shinada’s fighting style, main storyline or his side-stories/mini-games (becoming a baseball pro again). Still, I feel that Yakuza 5 could have been split up into 5 games for $20 each. It would encourage higher completion rates for my part and the full game is seriously under-valued despite being mostly fluff some might say. Point is it is pretty good fluff compared with western competitors.
A few months ago I was stuck with Fallout 4. Got the terrible Brotherhood ending but did a safety save in order to get better endings. Got another terrible one yesterday, the so-called Institute ending. Time to go back and go Railroad before digging into the expansion Automatron that should hit Steam today hopefully. Having spent nearly 160 hours onto Fallout 4 it is perhaps not so strange that it does not quite keep the charm for me any more, but it is still a nice way of killing time.
Among the upcoming games I look forward to Trackmania Turbo that looks like good old fun. Probably not Rocket League-fun but still very good hopefully. I have also discovered Solaris, an upcoming sci-fi 4X/grand strategy game from Paradox. Will discuss this more in a later post but I am a bit intrigued to say the least. Finally, if you want a good laugh I recommend checking out “A man who hates Bloodborne plays Bloodborne”, a Let’s Play-series featuring Simon Miller as the man that hates the game under guidance by Tom Orry, apparently a Bloodborne-expert. It is up to part 5 at the moment and is broadcast live on Videogamer’s Youtube channel on Thursdays, 16:00 CET.



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