Done with Yakuza 5, Trackmania Turbo and Hyper Light Drifter in line.

FINALLY. After 100 hours of playtime I decided to give up my final side objectives in Yakuza 5 and go for the ending yesterday. Overall I think the overarching story is a bit better than usual for the Yakuza-series, however it does drag out over too many chapters. The stories of both Akiyama and Shinada almost felt too minor to justify them being playable characters in separate parts. Kazuma, Saejima and Haruka would have been enough, in my humble opinion. My completion rate ended below 50% and that is just insane given the playtime and that I almost never failed anything despite playing on hard difficulty. Yakuza 5 is a 5/5-game in my book, but I really hope Sega have the guts to cut down on the amount of content in future releases. We have 2-3 new games in the series coming up soon with Yakuza 0, Kiwami and 6. If they are all 100+ hour games I am worried I might lose my interest for this series even if it has reached a new high in part 5. Check my older posts for much more impressions. It would definitely qualify high up on my Best of 2015-list, had I had the time to play it during last year. Thanks Sega for making the game and Sony for deciding to bring it to the west and launching it on an older console.
Thanks also to Ubisoft for (albeit a bit late) offering a trial version of their new racing game Trackmania Turbo on Uplay. I fell in love with the concept, bought the full game yesterday and are likely to spend a lot more time with it. I had high expectations but this is exactly my cup of tea. I focus on the solo play where you race on short tracks in order to beat set times to earn medals and unlock more tracks. It very much resembles the Trials-games that I also adore and I really like that right after you finish a track you can see how your time stands versus the world and in your country.
I have also had my eyes on Hyper Light Drifter, a gorgeous pixel-art adventure game that I proudly backed on Kickstarter. I will try to get to that eventually, as well as Adr1ft, a space-walking simulator that looks great but have not scored well with the critics. might wait for a sale on that one as there are so many other good games at the moment. I would like to discuss space games a bit more at some point as I have plenty of thoughts on the matter, hopefully soon.ADR1FT_06-copy


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