Trackmania Turbo, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux and Stellaris

April was not very fun, a lot to do and I had not much time and interest for games. On one of the most shitty days I however decided just to not care any more and just play Trackmania Turbo all day, as I did have that option. Excellent choice it turned out, game is fast, fun and momentarily very, very annoying. There are levels (such as #52, 60 and 90 that may get the h*ll out!) where there is next to no margin of error. If you do not hit that bump straight on your car will fly towards inevitable doom and no chance for that silver medal you have to get in order to move on. It was perfect for me losing steam, swearing towards the computer as I have not done in years.
Overall it is a very fun game though, similar to previous Trials-games by the developer. You are constantly just a few seconds or fractions of a second away from your goal. That restarting the short challenges are done at the press of a button helps as well. Some challenges are a annoying as mentioned and the controls are not great, a bit “sticky” when turning, for lack of a better description. I would also like if when you receive e.g. a bronze, the game immediately shows how far off you are to silver and so on. Now there are a couple of button presses to estimate that. I left the game being stuck on a multi-lap level where I have not been able to finish even two out of the three laps, and I am only lacking the silver medal for this challenge in order to unlock new tracks. It has those terribly designed jumps so I will probably stay away from the game for a while before attempting to beat it again.
After a bit of a break from games I wanted a short experience for last weekend and decided on The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Redux that had been unplayed in my Steam library for quite a while. It is a four hour narrative experience where you as some sort of investigator/medium examine the surroundings of a small village that seems mysterious. First of all, the graphics and ambience are amazing. My GTX 970 did not quite manage to run the game without hickups at max settings but it was playable. The game-play consists of walking around looking for highlighted clues and solve some simple puzzles in order to unlock more back-story. I would say it is a bit scary on occasion but I was able to get through and reach the ending. For some reason it took ages to load the start menu a few times. I can not say I absolutely loved the game, but it was ok. If you are not sure whether you like the genre it should be a cheap pick-up on future sales.

Other than that I have watched every Extraterrestial Thursday, where Paradox staff stream Stellaris. I am seriously looking forward to this game, releasing in one week. I already placed my order so hopefully we will get pre-load on Steam soon. This week they will show off multiplayer with various famous streamers. I might even attempt streaming some Stellaris myself, but no promises. Oh and by the way, I am also working on a humble text-adventure myself as I try to improve my programming skills. We’ll see if it ends up being anything worth sharing later. Once more thanks for your attention!



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