FTL LP-bonanza!

Hey there, long time no see! Haven’t had the writing mood as of late, so I recorded my thoughts while playing FTL (a.k.a. Game of Legends) a lot. I hope you will enjoy it. The first two clips I discuss E3 and 2016 in gaming so far. After that I switch focus to the game more and talk less. The last two runs have a tint of Euro Cup of Football 2016. Click here for the full new playlist or watch it embedded below:

MILD SPOILER: After the last run I think it might be time for another break from FTL though, it was heart-crushing. One day Normal mode, one day…


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  1. […] still does. Still, the game was not, by some miracle, made worse by the Advanced Edition add-on. You can watch me playing several rounds of FTL by clicking this sentence. I have since I made those videos cleared FTL and FTL Advanced with The Kestrel on Normal. Currently […]

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