My summer in games, part I: Fallout 4 DLC

It is scary how time flies, sorry for a prolonged complete absence of new stuff on wasdmash. As usual I have played a lot of different games though and I intend to publish some words on almost all of them. Starting with:

Fallout 4: Automatron & Far Harbor (DLC)

It has been a couple of months since I “finished” the Automatron and Far Harbor DLC:s.
Automatron had a pretty short and straightforward main quest focused on robots and AI. It was not very special but somewhat more substantial as an add-on than most other DLC released.
Far Harbor is the most “meaty package” of extra content for Fallout 4 so far. Possibly it’s scope will be rivalled by the soon to arrive Nuka World DLC. I enjoyed it quite a lot, in particular the main quest was good with some interesting new characters. Easily the best out of the DLC released so far and unless you can pick up the season pass at a lower price I’d recommend getting only Far Harbor for now. That is if you are looking for “more of the same” as in the main game.


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  1. […] I did not put Quadrilateral Cowboy on my most anticipated games 2016-list simply because I have had it on so many past lists without it turning up, but I am very happy it delivered according to my expectations. Inside and Abzû are two surprise-games for me, really good and hopefully an indication of more similar games showing up in the future. Factorio was recommended to me a while ago and it is another gem that I am sure to return to. Doom 2016 is a really big surprise as I typically am not a fan of the genre, but this is really fun and a game I must complete soon. Stellaris would have been on my anticipated list had I not missed it entirely. I hyped it a bit too much it turned out but it is still very good. The Far Harbor-expansion barely put Superhot outside of the top-10, but I thought it was a good add-on. […]

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