My summer in games, part II: Stellaris

As someone proudly residing in the same city (as well as being a new share-holder in) Paradox Interactive I had great hopes for their recently launched grand strategy/4x space game Stellaris. Add on to that me being a huge fan of science fiction and you could see my hype before launch. So how did it end up?


I kinda over-hyped this one I am afraid. I played it for 20-30 hours straight so make no mistake, it is very good, just not as good as I had hoped. I played as humans on a very large map with less alien civilizations in the hope that there would be some build-up before first contact.
NO, said the game, and gave me alien encounters during the second turn. Eventually I had “conquered” most of a galactic arm and was about to handle an endgame crisis. Minor spoilers, the galaxy was invaded by inter-dimensional aliens, unfortunately not in my territory.
Well, a neighbouring civilization got the invasion and I offered to help with my vastly superior fleet. However, my racist neighbour did absolutely not intend to let me enter their borders, at any price. This got me tired of the game and eventually I just quit. There had been earlier quests that couldn’t be finished due to similar reasons as well.
As of now it should have been patched and improved to not be as unrealistic but I do not really feel like going back. I felt the game overall came to a halt and got dull after most borders were settled (unless I all of a sudden wanted to change my peaceful play-style to a more aggressive one). Shame, but again, Stellaris is not bad by any means, just not THE sci-fi space game I dreamed of.


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  1. […] on my anticipated list had I not missed it entirely. I hyped it a bit too much it turned out but it is still very good. The Far Harbor-expansion barely put Superhot outside of the top-10, but I thought it was a good […]

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