My summer in games, part IV: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

My games of summer-special continues with some thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution as I recently tried to replay it via the Director’s Cut-edition. Unfortunately the intended playthrough has fallen into stasis.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut

All right, so the background here is that I was intrigued by Square Enix/Eidos’ new trailers for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I also remembered how much I enjoyed Human Revolution on PS3, up until a certain game-breaking boss-fight. I must have spent 20 hours on it already playing stealthy and exploring a lot. Since I never finished it and had the Director’s Cut-version in my Steam library I thought to finish Human Revolution before the soon to be released Mankind Divided. Unfortunately it has been a far from great experience. I want to like it but Human Revolution has not aged well in my opinion. Graphics is between terrible to fine, game-play, especially the hacking, I do not find fun and the game is just too long. I thought I must have been near the end last time but I was certainly wrong. Bosses are at least not impossible any more but they are still so bad that I could not be bothered to continue playing on either Hard- or Normal difficulty. I have also given up on stealth and just started to kill everything. That is until I just stopped again after reaching the Missing Link (DLC) chapter and realizing there is still way too much left. At least this replay attempt made me lose all hype for Mankind Divided. Maybe the Deus Ex-games are just not for my taste.



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