My summer in games, part VII: Quadrilateral Cowboy

I had been looking forward to the unique looking hacking-game Quadrilateral Cowboy since I built my current PC four years ago. It was supposed to arrive years ago but the small team at Blendo games could not let go of it until very recently. Did it live up to my expectations? Find out in part VII of My summer in games.

Quadrilateral Cowboy

I am going to be lazy and let my copy-pasted review from Steam do most of the work below, apart from a small addendum:
It is very rare that games you anticipate for such a long time live up to ones personal expectations. Quadrilateral Cowboy had a few bugs that Blendo ironed out shortly after release. Apart from that, the game was actually about all I hoped for, except I did not know so in advance it turned out. Some are bound to complain that QC is too short or never realizes it’s potential as one puzzle type is quickly replaced by another, often never to be seen again etc. I am on the other hand increasingly attracted to the approach that Blendo games chose. It presents enough clever examples of what can be done in the QC framework and then hand over the game to modders, sure to deliver the content some might feel is missing at the moment. I also think Blendo squeezed in a nice little story, with very charming characters. I will treasure the 7 hours I had with Quadrilateral Cowboy very much and possibly return for another go later. Here is my review from Steam:

I had a wonderful time hacking my way through the heist missions in Quadrilateral Cowboy. It is a game that challenge you to master some simple console commands and make it feel rewarding when used to solve the puzzles. As the story goes on you regularly obtain new equipment to play with as well. I was also a bit touched by the cool characters and their stories. Plus there is an awesome store owner, best since RE4. :)

This goes right up there among my favorite games of 2016, right behind The Witness. A very strong PC-title.

+ Fun “programming-gameplay” with challenges that feels rewarding to solve
+ Not too long
+ Lovely design and retro-feeling, both in terms of graphics and sound


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