My summer in games, part VIII: Abzû

In part VIII of my games of my summer-summary I discuss the diving- and exploration game Abzû that I just finished a couple of days ago. It has been compared with the revered Playstation-classic Journey, and rightfully so it turns out.


Once more, since I wrote a short Steam-review, I will not add much to it. I really enjoyed this game and will play it again or hopefully convince my significant other to give it a shot instead and just watch. I am sure this type of game is not in everyone’s taste, for example I am not a huge fan of Thatgamecompany’s games Flower, Flow and Journey even if they did increasingly better and I quite much enjoyed the last. For the reasons outlined below I ended up enjoying Abzû a lot more though:

Another wonderful game gets into the race for best games of 2016. Abzû is often compared with Journey, and for good reasons with it’s slow, nearly meditative-, and exploration-based gameplay. Abzû is vibrant with colorful underwater life and features perhaps the best soundtrack of 2016 (so far) in my opinion. I love snorkeling irl so perhaps it is no surprise that I ended up enjoying this game more than Journey after allowing me to swim with turtles, dolphins and whales. Awesome.

+ Beautiful game vibrant with life and color
+ Wonderful soundtrack
+ Short
– Some minor control and pacing issues


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