My summer in games, part IX: Doom

Only a couple of parts left of my summary of what I have played during the past summer. In this ninth part I talk a bit about the surprisingly great new Doom.


FPS has never really been my cup of tea. As a kid I never enjoyed Doom, Quake and Half-life. After sticking with my PC thanks to mainly Civilization II, Colin Mc’Rae- and Toca Rally for a couple of years I eventually moved on to consoles, wanting to play Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Final Fantasy.
As an adult I have come to appreciate the genre more, being slowly pulled in by games like Bioshock Infinite, Fallout 4 and the superb Source-mod Black Mesa. Never did I expect to really want to buy a new Doom game though.
You probably know the story by now, Bethesda sent out no review copies of Doom (2016) for some reason but the game eventually got praised as one of the highlights of the year. Around E3 Bethesda teased with a demo (for some stupid reason timed initially) so I decided to give it a shot to see what the fuzz was about.
I have since compared playing that demo with being in an amusement park and riding the fastest roller-coaster, after which going back to almost any other big title (such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution) felt like being on a far more dull ride.
Doom is very much a rush of simple and challenging fun. I get 144fps on my screen and one is encouraged to be aggressive which works so well. Even the new glory kills soon feel like a natural extension of the classical Doom-formula. Secrets are plentiful, soundtrack is great and graphics is crisp. A big, and to me very surprising, recommendation for Doom 2016 from me!


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