My summer in games, part XI: AM2R – Return of Samus

Today we conclude my summer games summary with a very recent surprise release, Another Metroid 2 Remake or AM2R. Less surprising is that the game is now significantly harder to play after Nintendo sent out their cease- and desist-team to take down the fan-remake.

AM2R – Return of Samus

Strictly speaking I am not very far into this but just the sight of it filled my heart with excitement. As you can see in the trailer below it starts with a wonderfully retro menu screen with good tunes. As is suggested by the title, the game is a full on remake of Metroid 2, originally on Gameboy. It seems quite similar to Metroid: Zero Mission but there are occasional hints that it lacks some of that Nintendo-magic. My early impression is that the controls do not quite reach the level of perfection I look for in a 2D Metroid. Apart from that it looks mostly promising and I will have to get back to AM2R at a later stage, when I have spent some more time with it. I can however already understand why Nintendo hit AM2R with a cease- and desist, as sad as it may be.


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