Monthly Archives: August 2016

My summer in games, part V: Inside

playdeadinsideheroAfter many time-consuming games it was a relief to get into some shorter ones recently. Starting with the brilliant sci-fi side-scroller Inside, made by the Danish Playdead Studios, known for the similar game Limbo.


My summer in games, part IV: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deusexhrMy games of summer-special continues with some thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution as I recently tried to replay it via the Director’s Cut-edition. Unfortunately the intended playthrough has fallen into stasis.

My summer in games, part III: FTL

FTL_kestrel_design3Part III of my summer gaming summary covers my once again reinvigorated interest in the excellent FTL: Faster Than Light.

My summer in games, part II: Stellaris

stellarisIn part II of my summer in games summary I share my thoughts on Paradox space grand strategy/4x-game Stellaris.

My summer in games, part I: Fallout 4 DLC

fo4dlcIt is scary how time flies, sorry for a prolonged complete absence of new stuff on wasdmash. As usual I have played a lot of different games though and I intend to publish some words on almost all of them. Starting with the DLC:s Automatron and Far Harbor for Fallout 4.