Some ok, good, and great games as of late

Once more I have let time fly with respect to the spacing in between wasdmash-content. We are about to switch apartments so gaming time has periodically dropped. Since my last blog in mid-August I have managed to play quite a few games when added together though.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition – Done!

I wrote about Ori among my summer games, and managed to push through to the end during the past weekend. It picked up a bit towards the second half but overall I was just mildly impressed when done, so not much to add to my earlier thoughts. If you have not played any other “metroidvanias” for a while, Ori offers an overall well-made experience. I would go for Shadow Complex Remastered before though.

Adr1ft – Done!

I then moved on to Adr1ft, a space simulation game where you play as the single survivor on a space station catastrophe. Again, I ended up being only mildly impressed with this. Graphics is great, but game play is repetitive and a bit dull. While the thrusting mechanics is realistic it feels slow and for a long time the main interaction is to refill oxygen from little tanks floating around everywhere, rarely leading to any tension. There is a bit of story and character development but it feels unfocused and should have probably been squeezed into a 2 hour-game instead of a 4-5 hour game. I would only recommend Adr1ft to space fanatics.

FIFA 17 – A season on too easy difficulty won.

This was a bit of a surprise-purchase. Since Konami keeps releasing past-gen versions of Pro Evolution Soccer on PC, and since EA refuse to launch the NHL-series on PC, I went for FIFA this year. Possibly the first time I buy a FIFA-game in 10-15 years, in part hoping that this will urge EA Sports to get the NHL-series back to PC (c.f. PC Gamer). I completed a full season of Swedish Allsvenskan on semi-pro- or pro-difficulty I believe. That eventually turned out to be way too easy so the next season is going to have to be on a higher difficulty. My overall impression is that football games does not appear to have changed that much since the last PES I played 3-5 years ago. It still feels a bit stiff although I was impressed with updated squads for the Swedish league. Graphics was weaker than expected when looking at crowds, goal nets and several animations. It bugs me that it took forever to download and install the game, that I must choose which language and what settings to use at every start-up, that the cloud-saving system almost messed up my game at first, that I have to create a season from scratch (or where is pre-made season mode???) and that the default goal celebration animations are over-the-top. Still, a pleasant game that will probably get several more hours of playtime, especially when some friends come over.

Starbound – Can this be finished?

Starbound recently released 1.0 and it has improved a lot since the last time I spent several hours on the already very good early access versions. It is a lovely crafting-in-space-adventure that I guess could interest some of those that were disappointed by No Man’s Sky. I still adore the soundtrack, graphics and game play depth. Might stream this some day after I have upgraded my broadband connection, a simply excellent game.

TIS-100 – Some progress, very hard game.

In anticipation for Zachtronics new game Shenzhen I/O I went back to the developers’ last game, TIS-100 where you are challenged to solve puzzles using an Assembler-like programming language. It is a very special and niche game where you feel most pleased when your program after many attempts runs silently without error beeps. I still have not finished the first 20 or so puzzles that, as far as I understand, constitutes the “easy” ones but I managed to clear 3-5 more recently. I have always been impressed by TIS-100 that really offers up something unique. Shenzhen I/O is probably going to be just as tough for me, but I am already a fan thanks to the awesome Limited Edition, so wonderfully retro-creative!

Smaller tests

Finally I also played through the trial version of Unravel. While beautiful and locally hand crafted it did not quite click with me, but I look forward to pick it up at some sale and am sure that many have enjoyed it. After backing 911 Operator on Kickstarter I also gave the alpha-version a shot, but it was a bit too messy to get into at the moment. Hopefully it will improve and have a more pleasant tutorial later.



  1. […] City. I also spent some prime time with friends and family playing Doom, Trackmania Turbo and Fifa 17, but I have talked enough about those so let us focus on the former two games […]

  2. Ori and the Blind Forest seems to be very interesting. I don’t have much interest with Fifa 17 as PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) have overtaken Fifa 17 and is now a better game than Fifa

    1. Yeah, Ori is definitely a high quality metroidvania. Personally I enjoyed Momodora and Shadow Complex a bit more. Not a fan of that it is so easy to die throughout Ori, one must master the rather special save-system. And yes, PES is usually better in my opinion, except on PC possibly due to that Konami still launch the PS360-versions instead of PS4/One-versions.

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