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Braid and Arkham Knight

braid1Lately few new games have caught my attention. I have come to enjoy these “lows” as they give me the chance to catch up a bit on the better games in the backlog. I used the last weeks to immerse myself in the now classic Braid and the infamous PC-version of Batman: Arkham City.


Some ok, good, and great games as of late

20161012_130904Once more I have let time fly with respect to the spacing in between wasdmash-content. Since the last blog I have managed to play more Ori and the Blind Forest, Adr1ft, FIFA 17, TIS-100, Starbound, Unravel and 911 Operator. Here is some thoughts on all of them.

Steam-review of Firewatch

fwiconI finished a first playthrough of Firewatch before the release day was over. You may either read my review on Steam or here.

Anticipating Firewatch

firewatch_150305_06Today I present to you my Steam review of The Witness, having finished the game right before the weekend. Then focus is shifted towards Firewatch which I thought would become my GOTY 2016. Want to see which other games I guessed would be among the favorites, read the full text! I round off with a bit of discussion around the only game I have had time to play a bit during this Lunar New Year weekend: Yakuza 5.

Lucas Pope utannonserar nytt spel

rotodSkaparen av Papers, Please satsar inte på en uppföljare utan ett 1-bitsrenderat mysterium som kretsar kring ett spökskepp.

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Where Is My Heart 29 maj

wimh_box_artPlattformspusslet Where Is My Heart, från danska Die Gute Fabrik, får lanseringsdatum och trailer.

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Lanseringstrailer för Transistor

indexSupergiant Games (Bastion) nästa spel Transistor lanseras tisdag 20 maj, ladda upp med den senaste trailern.

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