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Braid and Arkham Knight

braid1Lately few new games have caught my attention. I have come to enjoy these “lows” as they give me the chance to catch up a bit on the better games in the backlog. I used the last weeks to immerse myself in the now classic Braid and the infamous PC-version of Batman: Arkham City.


Some ok, good, and great games as of late

20161012_130904Once more I have let time fly with respect to the spacing in between wasdmash-content. Since the last blog I have managed to play more Ori and the Blind Forest, Adr1ft, FIFA 17, TIS-100, Starbound, Unravel and 911 Operator. Here is some thoughts on all of them.

Best games of 2016, post-summer edition

thewitness1280jpg-19c3cd_1280wLet’s review lists, for fun!

My summer in games, part XI: AM2R – Return of Samus

snap 0003Today we conclude my summer games summary with a very recent surprise release, Another Metroid 2 Remake or AM2R. Less surprising is that the game is now significantly harder to play after Nintendo sent out their cease- and desist-team to take down the fan-remake.

My summer in games, part X: Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori-Definitive-Edition-artwork-mainIn “My summer in games, part X” I will talk about the Definitive Edition of Ori and the Blind Forest. A previously Xbox One-exclusive metroidvania. I cheered for Shadow Complex Remastered, will the story be the same for Ori?

My summer in games, part IX: Doom

doomOnly a couple of parts left of my summary of what I have played during the past summer. In this ninth part I talk a bit about the surprisingly great new Doom.

My summer in games, part VIII: Abzû

Abzu-752x430In part VIII of my games of my summer-summary I discuss the diving- and exploration game Abzû that I just finished a couple of days ago. It has been compared with the revered Playstation-classic Journey, and rightfully so it turns out.