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My summer in games, part VII: Quadrilateral Cowboy

qcI had been looking forward to the unique looking hacking-game Quadrilateral Cowboy since I built my current PC four years ago. It was supposed to arrive years ago but the small team at Blendo games could not let go of it until very recently. Did it live up to my expectations? Find out in part VII of My summer in games.


My summer in games, part VI: Factorio

factorioIn part VI of “My summer in games” I will discuss Factorio, a Steam Early Access factory-builder recommended to me a while ago by a friend.

My summer in games, part V: Inside

playdeadinsideheroAfter many time-consuming games it was a relief to get into some shorter ones recently. Starting with the brilliant sci-fi side-scroller Inside, made by the Danish Playdead Studios, known for the similar game Limbo.

My summer in games, part IV: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

deusexhrMy games of summer-special continues with some thoughts on Deus Ex: Human Revolution as I recently tried to replay it via the Director’s Cut-edition. Unfortunately the intended playthrough has fallen into stasis.

My summer in games, part III: FTL

FTL_kestrel_design3Part III of my summer gaming summary covers my once again reinvigorated interest in the excellent FTL: Faster Than Light.

My summer in games, part II: Stellaris

stellarisIn part II of my summer in games summary I share my thoughts on Paradox space grand strategy/4x-game Stellaris.

My summer in games, part I: Fallout 4 DLC

fo4dlcIt is scary how time flies, sorry for a prolonged complete absence of new stuff on wasdmash. As usual I have played a lot of different games though and I intend to publish some words on almost all of them. Starting with the DLC:s Automatron and Far Harbor for Fallout 4.