Upcoming PC games

Below is a selection of upcoming PC games with preliminary release dates.

Title Developer Genre Release
Fallout 4: Far Harbor Bethesda RPG May 21e
Mirror’s Edge Catalyst EA Dice Action, Sandbox May 26
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine CD Project Red RPG May 26e
Hearts of Iron IV Paradox Strategy June 6
Mighty No. 9 Comcept USA Platform June 21
No Man’s Sky Hello Games Action, Sandbox, Sci-fi June 21
The Technomancer Spiders Action, RPG, Sci-fi June 21
Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens TT Games Adventure, Sandbox, Sci-fi June 28
Obduction Cyan Adventure June
We Happy Few Compulsion Games Survival June
Distance Refract Studios Experimental, Racing Q2b
Forza Motorsport 6 Apex Turn 10 Studios Racing Q2
Nightcry Nude Maker Survival, Horror Q2
Outer Wilds Mobius Digital Adventure Q2
Umbrella Corps Capcom Action Q2
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Eidos Montreal Action, RPG, Stealth August 23
Pinstripe Atmos Games Adventure, Sidescroller August
Anchors in the Drift 5th Cell Action, RPG Q3
Below Capybara Games Adventure Q3
I Am Setsuna Tokyo RPG Factory RPG Q3
Kingdom Come: Deliverance Warhorse Studios Adventure, RPG, Sandbox Q3
Song of the Deep Insomniac Adventure, Action, Sidescroller Q3
Civilization VI Firaxis Strategy, Turnbased October 21
Friday the 13th: The Game Gun Media and Illfonic Action, Horror October
Dishonored 2 Arkane Studios Action, Adventure November 11
Syberia 3 Microids Adventure December 1
Need to Know Monomyth Games Simulation December
Divinity: Original Sin 2 Larian Studios Isometric, RPG, Q4
Heart Forth, Alicia Alonso Martin Platform, RPG, Sidescroller Q4
The Silver Case Grasshopper Manufacture Adventure Q4
Thimbleweed Park Ron Gilbert & Gary Winnick Adventure Q4
Titanfall 2 EA Action, FPS Q4
Witchmarsh Inglenook Action, RPG Q4
Yooka-Laylee Playtonic Games Adventure, Platform Q4
1979 Revolution Ink Stories Adventure 2016
Abzu Giant Squid Adventure 2016
Barkley 2 Tales of Game’s Studios Action, RPG 2016
Cosmic Star Heroine Zeboyd Games RPG, Turn-based 2016
Cuphead Studio MDHR Platform 2016
Finding Paradise Freebird Games Adventure 2016
Fortnite Epic Games Sandbox, Survival 2016
Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex Neople Action, MMO 2016
Jenny LeClue Detectivu Mografi Adventure 2016
Legend of Iya Darkfalzx Action, Platform 2016
Mother Russia Bleeds The Cartel Beat ’em up 2016
Pavilion Visiontrick Media Puzzle 2016
Project Rain World Rain World Platform 2016
Shadow Warrior 2 Flying Wild Hog Action, FPS 2016
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Wayforward Platform, Adventure 2016
Shroud of the Avatar Portalarium MMO, RPG 2016a
Sniper Elite 4 Rebellion Action 2016
Solstice Moacube Visual novel 2016
Sometimes Always Monsters Vagabond Dog RPG 2016
Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Cloud Imperium Action, Sci-fi, Simulation 2016
Torment: Tides of Numenera Inxile Entertainment Isometric, RPG 2016b
Tyranny Obsidian Isometric, RPG 2016
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine Dim Bulb Games Adventure 2016
White Space Curve Studios RPG 2016
Visage Sad Square Studio Horror 2017-01
Quantum Chess Quantum Realm Games Strategy 2017-02
Overload Revival Productions Shoot ’em Up 2017-03
Mass Effect: Andromeda Bioware Action, Sci-fi 2017-Q1
Knights and Bikes Foam Sword Adventure 2017-04
A.N.N.E Gamesbymo Platform, Shoot ’em up 2017-05-25
Battletech Harebrained Schemes Tactics, Turn-based 2017-05
Battalion 1944 Bulkhead Interactive Action, FPS 2017-05
Fear Effect Sedna Sushee Games Adventure 2017-05
Tacoma Fullbright Company Adventure, Sci-fi 2017-Q2
The Bards Tale IV Inxile Entertainment RPG 2017-10
Shenmue III YS Net Adventure 2017-12
Death’s Gambit White Rabbit Action, RPG 2017
Pyre Supergiant Games RPG 2017
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd Xseed Games RPG 2017
Vampyr Dontnod Entertainment Action, RPG 2017
Xenonauts 2 Goldhawk Interactive Strategy 2017
Consortium: The Tower Interdimensional Games RPG, Sci-fi 2018-Q1
Psychonauts 2 Double Fine Adventure 2018
20000 Leagues Above the Clouds That Brain RPG, Adventure TBD
Black Annex Man Fight Dragon Isometric, Stealth, Strategy TBD
Blood of the Ortolan Richard Hofmeier Experimental, Adventure TBD
Brigador Stellar Jockeys Action, Isometric, Strategy TBDa
Chasm Discord Games Action, Platform, RPG TBD
Cyberpunk 2077 CD Project Red Action, RPG TBD
Dreamfall Chapters: Book Five Red Thread Games Adventure TBD
Everquest Next Daybreak Game Company MMORPG TBD
Galactic Princess Cecly Roguelike, Sci-fi TBDa
Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope Matt White Action, Platform, Puzzle TBD
Grip Caged Element Action, Racing TBDa
Heat Signature Tom Francis Sci-fi, Stealth TBD
Her Story 2 Sam Barlow FMV, Mystery TBD
Hover: Revolt Of Gamers Midgar Studio Action, Sandbox TBDa
Interference Anthony Beyer Puzzle, Stealth TBDa
Kentucky Route Zero, Act 4 Cardboard Computer Adventure, Point ‘n click TBD
La-Mulana 2 Nigoro Action, Adventure, Sidescroller TBDd
Last Life Sam Farmer Sci-fi, Adventure TBD
Limit Theory Procedural Reality Real time strategy, RPG, Sci-fi TBDa
Lioness Zak Ayles Adventure TBD
Maia Simon Roth Sci-fi, Strategy TBDa
Miegakure Marc ten Bosch Puzzle TBD
No Photos, Please! The Basement Studios Party, Stealth TBD
Operation: Black Mesa (mod Half-life) Tripmine Studios Action, FPS TBD
Owlboy D-pad Studio Action, Adventure, Platform TBD
Paradise Lost Ashtree Works Puzzle, Sci-fi, Sidescroller TBD
Project Elea Kyodai Adventure, Sci-fi TBD
Project Phoenix Creative Intelligence RPG TBD
Pulsar: Lost Colony Leafy Games Sci-fi, Simulation TBDb
Quadrilateral Cowboy Blendo Games Hacking, Puzzle TBD
Radio the Universe 6e6e6e Action, RPG TBD
Reset Theory Interactive Puzzle TBD
Resident Evil 2 Remake Capcom Survival, Horror TBD
Return of the Obra Dinn Lucas Pope Puzzle TBD
Reven Varia Games Sci-fi, Sidescroller TBD
Rimworld Tynan Sylvester Sci-fi, Simulation TBDa
Riot Riot Simulation TBDb
Road Redemption Darkseas Games Action, Racing TBDa
Routine Lunar Software Horror TBD
Stranger of the Sword City Experience Inc. RPG TBD
Sunless Sea: Submariner Failbetter Games RPG TBDe
System Shock 3 Otherside Entertainment FPS, Horror TBD
Tangiers Andalusian Stealth TBD
The Long Dark Hinterland Simulation, Survival TBDa
The Fall, part 2 Over the Moon Platform, Sci-fi, Sidescroller TBD
The Mandate Perihelion Interactive LLC RPG, Sci-fi TBD
The Sinking City Frogwares Studios Sandbox TBD
Timespinner Lunar Ray Games Action, Sidescroller TBD
Tokyo Dark Cherrymochi Game Studio Adventure TBD
Twilight Struggle GMT Games Strategy TBD
You are not the Hero Tomorning RPG TBD
Zero Time Dilemma Chime Visual Novel TBD

a Alpha version available.
b Beta version available.
d Demo version available.
e Expansion/DLC.
w Online version available.

Last updated: 2016-05-21


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