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Some ok, good, and great games as of late

20161012_130904Once more I have let time fly with respect to the spacing in between wasdmash-content. Since the last blog I have managed to play more Ori and the Blind Forest, Adr1ft, FIFA 17, TIS-100, Starbound, Unravel and 911 Operator. Here is some thoughts on all of them.


Done with Yakuza 5, Trackmania Turbo and Hyper Light Drifter in line.

TMT_6Yes, I have now finished the lengthy but great Yakuza 5. Next in line will be Trackmania Turbo and perhaps Hyper Light Drifter. Some of my thoughts on mentioned titles can be found in this post.

Adam Orth vill skapa >Adr1ft

adrift1smDen kontroversielle Adam Orth har tagit sig samman och vill utveckla att rymdspel som ser riktigt trevligt ut på de första bilderna.

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