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Done with Yakuza 5, Trackmania Turbo and Hyper Light Drifter in line.

TMT_6Yes, I have now finished the lengthy but great Yakuza 5. Next in line will be Trackmania Turbo and perhaps Hyper Light Drifter. Some of my thoughts on mentioned titles can be found in this post.


More on Shadow Complex, Yakuza 5, Superhot and Fallout 4

shadow-complex-remastered-splashGot a quite terrible cold since last week but I have at least finished Superhot and Shadow Complex Remastered. I also keep pushing through Yakuza 5 and went back to Fallout 4 before the DLC that release today.

Superhot-hickups and street cleaning in Japan

HarukaGameplayMy desire to play Superhot was temporarily shattered due to some bugs but soon you will hear my thoughts on it hopefully. Meanwhile, enjoy some more banter on Yakuza 5 and it’s lovely rhythm games!

Witness something great

Screenshot from The Witness.Just updated the Upcoming Games-list. It will be updated in small chunks over a longer time so it is by no means complete. Today I will also share some of my thoughts recently, mainly about games of course. Enjoy and let me know how you feel about the site!